Granite tile cleaning | Granite tile cleaner | Granite tile cleaning Sydney

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Granite tile cleaning | Granite tile cleaner | Granite tile cleaning Sydney


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All Tiles Cleaning helped us get a much higher price on the sale of our house.
They did an excellent job as a granite tiles cleaner on all our granite surfaces.
We are confident to recommend this company and their granite tile cleaner service to our family and friends.


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Granite tile cleaning | Granite tile cleaner | Granite tile cleaning Sydney
Granite tile cleaning | Granite tile cleaner | Granite tile cleaning Sydney

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granite tiles cleaner
Granite Tile Cleaning | Granite Tile Cleaner
Granite tile cleaning | Granite tile cleaner | Granite tile cleaning SydneyGranite Tile Cleaning - Experienced & Professional Granite Tiles Cleaner


We offer specific granite tile cleaning for Granite tiled floors. Granite tile cleaner with 20 years of experience.

Granite Tile Cleaning | Granite Tile CleanerGranite tiles are durable and beautiful. They are popularly found in bathrooms and kitchens. Granite tiles are exquisite as floors, walls and countertops. They are a popular choice in modern homes and offices. Granite tiles exude natural beauty and elegance. A variety of colours are available. Care should always be taken for granite tile cleaning. These tiles are easily shaped to fit in any nook and corner of your home or office.

Complete black. Galaxy Black (they are black granite tiles with sprinkles of gold specks) and White Kashmir (they are white tiles with sprinkles of gold specks) are the three most popular colours in demand. These tiles exude elegance in appearance. Granite tile cleaning requires minimal maintenance. Granite tiles are suitable for any parts of your home either the kitchen, counter to, bathroom walls or floorings, patios and even offices.


What is Granite?
Granite Tile Cleaning | Granite Tile CleanerGranite is a stone which is made from molten lave. It is the lava that did not rise above the earth’s surface. It is denser than marble stones. Granites are metamorphic rocks which are extremely saturated with silica. It is the combination of silica and oxygen that forms the mineral quartz that adds diversity to the granite. However, granite tiles are easily scratched. You should always consult advice from an experienced granite tile cleaner prior to granite tile cleaning.
Granite Tile Cleaner - Products not to use
  • Standard floor cleaning products – you should only use marble cleaners or specifically designed granite tile cleaner solutions
  • Ceramic tile cleaners, as these can dull the marble.
  • Acid or very alkaline based flooring products. Only use correct granite tile cleaner products
  • Rough cloths, like wire scouring pads will only damage your granite tiles. Speak to an expert about correct granite tiles cleaner products
  • Vacuum cleaners, as the wheels and hoses can scratch the materials
Granite Tiles Cleaning & Granite Tile Cleaner Maintenance

Granite Tile Cleaning | Granite Tile Cleaner | Granites Tiles CleanerGranite tiles cleaning are easy to clean to enhance their aesthetic value. It is because of this that granite tiles are popular in demand. They are very durable and easy to maintain. They are suitable for kitchens and high traffic areas. This is because of constant food and liquid spills that occur in that area. It is the durability of these tiles that enables easy cleaning to occur. Its durability allows it to be used for kitchens.


Floors laid with granite tiles are stain and grease resistant. They are not easily stained by tea, coffee or effervescent drinks. Even heavy falls of objects will not easily damage the tiles. Easy maintenance of sweeping and mopping the floors daily will suffice. As they are easy to maintain. Weekly cleaning with soap water will enhance the shine. Although granite tiles are non-porous in nature, the use of most chemicals will not damage the surface of the tiles. However, strong chemical solutions should not be used as a granite tiles cleaner.

Our services include the granite tile cleaning, stripping and sealing of all granite tiles for walls and floors .Professional granite tile cleaner available for free quotes.
Our company’s state of the art granite tiles cleaner equipment is capable of any domestic and commercial cleaning tasks resulting in your satisfaction of attaining clean and hygienic floors.


Granite tile cleaning | Granite tile cleaner | Granite tile cleaning SydneyGranite Tile Cleaner Care Tips & Advice
  • Dust the floors regularly.
  • Regularly sweep and vacuum the floors
  • Only the appropriate granite tile cleaner stone care products should be used.
  • Only use natural base cleaners, stone soap or mild dish washing liquid or lukewarm water.
  • Clean with a rag.
  • Chair and furniture legs need to have coasters  underneath it.
  • Avoid any acid base products.  As acid is highly concentrated, thereby etching the surface area.
  • The surface must be thoroughly rinsed after using any soap solutions.
  • Hot pans must not be put on granite slabs in the kitchen.  As the heat is absorbed and distributed very easily.
  • Love your stone as it will be beautiful for a very long time.
  • It is vital to gain the expertise of granite tile cleaner stone restoration contractors before installing them.  They will suggest the right materials for use and proper installation methods.
granite tile cleaner Sydney | Granite tiles cleaner, Granite tiles cleaner SydneyGranite Tiles Cleaner Stone Care Warnings!
  • Avoid scrubbing. Avoid the use of vinegar and common house hold cleaners specifically in the shower area.
  • Bleach and ammonia should not be mixed as the granite tile cleaner solution is toxic and produces a lethal gas which is harmful.
  • Avoid any use of powders of creams for granite tile cleaning as they scratch the surface.
  • Avoid excessive use of cleaner or soap. It streaks the granite. Seek advice from All Tiles granite tile cleaner for correct care.
  • Avoid vacuuming as it scratches your granite tiles.
  • Avoid dragging heavy objects across the floors as these objects can scratch the surface.
granite tile cleaner Sydney | Granite tiles cleaner, Granite tiles cleaner SydneyDon't hire an inexperienced granite tiles cleaner contractor
Granite Tile Cleaning | Granite Tile Cleaner | Granites Tile Cleaner Our company renders a variety of services to enhance the appearance of your granite tiles and increase the market appeal and capital value of the property. Our company is highly recognised as a leader in granite tiles cleaning using correct granite tiles cleaner equipment and products.

Our services include specific cleaning, stripping and sealing for all granite tile cleaning. We guarantee that our granite tile cleaner equipment can clean domestic and commercial granite tile cleaning. The end result is clean and spotless granite tile clean flooring to your satisfaction.


Granite tile cleaner Granite tiles cleaner Sydney Granite tiles cleaner