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------------------------------- Our main services include cleaning and restoring all
types of tiles in all areas.

We do:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Cafés
  • Restaurants
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Swimming Pools
  • Patios

tile cleaning sydney


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All Tiles Cleaning tile cleaner helped us get a much higher price on the sale of our house.
They did an excellent job on cleaning and re-grouting our existing tiles.
We are confident to recommend this company and what they do to our family and friends.


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Michael Simmons

Tile Cleaning | Tile Cleaning and Sealing | Tile Cleaning Sydney
Tile Cleaning
Cleaning, Sealing and Restoring Tiles
We render specialized services in cleaning, stripping, re-grouting and repairing for all floor types.

You only need to contact AllTilesCleaning.com.au for the leading and experienced tile care specialist in Australia. We offer specialist service for any works on your existing tiles or new tiles.  Our service includes tile and grout cleaning, tile stripping and sealing, tile re-grouting, coloured grout sealing and even minor tile repairs.  We also offer advice and professional works on cleaning and sealing of your existing floors or newly laid floors.  All you need is to call on our friendly consultants to help ease your worries.

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Marble Quarry Tile Slate Travertine Stone
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Terracotta Tile Victorian Tile Timber Floor Vinyl & Lino
Our Services Include:

Cleaning & Grouting your Tiles

A combination of specialised industrial equipment and heavy duty cleaning products are needed to clean grouts. Utilizing specifically concocted cleaning solutions and high pressure van mounted cleaning equipment will allow us to clean your ceramic tiles and grouts giving you, our customers above satisfactory results.

Tile Sealing

Stripping Your Tile

We strip, scrub and clean in order to remove old sealants and any residues in order to restore the appearance of the floor looking new and clean

Tile Sealing Sydney

Sealing Your Tile

We provide services of sealing your tiles and grout to prevent and reduce further staining of your tiles.  Sealing provides a temporary barrier in reducing the damage caused by the stain before you decide to remove the stained tile.

Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Re-grouting your Tile

Often, the tiles around your home or office are in good condition however it is the grout that stains and crumbles leaving your floor stained and looking dull with lack of lustre.  One way to dramatically enhance your over used floor and walled tile appearance is to re-grout your tiles.  Re-grouting your shower rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and patios will leave your tiled floors or walls looking new, clean and refurbished Re-grouting is only a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole floor or wall with new tiles.  A definite economic savvy decision.

Tile Cleaners Sydney

Repairing Your Tile

We provide the professional service of replacing and repairing any loose, cracked, chipped, broken or even discoloured tiles for you anywhere no matter in your home or office. 

Tile Sealing

Cleaning Your Tile with Jet Wash

High Pressure Jet Cleaning is excellent for cleaning the exterior of your home or office.  Jet wash helps get rid of the grime and dirt from concrete driveways, walkways and patios.  All unsightly oil stains, green moss and algae will disappear giving a cleaner look and most important of all, prevents anyone from slipping or falling from slippery moss or algae, a definite protection for everyone!

Tile Cleaning

Coloured Sealing for Your Grout

To provide the long lasting clean look is to seal the grout using a quality colour sealer. Thorough cleaning of the tiles is done prior to applying an epoxy based colourant to the grout joints.  This providesan appearance of consistency in the outlook and most importantly seals the grout to prevent any future staining.  Years of warranty comes with the epoxy based grout colourant. The warranty is for the prevention of any future peeling, chipping, cracking or fading of the grout.

Tile Sealing Sydney
Use of Products and Equipment

All products used by us vary on usage depending on the size of the area and we guarantee that only quality products are used in rendering our services to our clients.


Our specialized cleaning techniques utilize ultra-advanced modern technology enabling us to tackle even the most stubborn problem floors and walls.  The advanced equipment we use is meant for both domestic and commercial cleaning jobs.  The result is spotless, clean floors that are durable for years to come and above all your ultimate satisfaction.


Our company uses the state-of-the-art equipment with specialized wash, scrub, disinfectant and dry technology.  This technology uses lesser amount of water and detergents than any other cleaning equipment.


All cleaning products used by us are child and pet safe.  All members of our team come highly trained in the techniques of efficient and effective cleaning to provide above satisfactory results.

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