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tile cleaning sydney


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All Tiles Cleaning limestone tile cleaner specialist service were heavily recommended to me by my friends and Sam lived up to his reputation as one of the best limestone tile cleaners in Sydney to help rejuvenate our limestone tiles to make them look brand new and its like we have a new home. The workmanship was amazing and professional and I would definitely recommend their services to family and friends.


Fiona Styles

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Limestone Tile Cleaner
Limestone Cleaning & Sealing

Limestone Tile Cleaner | Limestone Tile Cleaners SydneyLimestone is formed at the ocean depth.  It only contains calcium carbonate.  It is white when natural.  It may be coloured by other matierials.  It is obtained from shells and bones of marine organisms.  The residue that accumulates through the years turn into fossils.  Years of heat and pressure from chemical reactions of the sea changes the residue into limestone.


Limestone is porous stone.  It easily scratches, stains and cracks.  It should not be layered by synthetic sealers or urethane.  Our expertise and in-depth knowledge will protect your limestone by utilizing quality penetrating impregnating sealers.


Walking will dull any polished stone floors.  Limestone laid on heavy traffic areas will only be dusty, sandy and gritty.  The cracks will build up and in time brings lifelessness to the floor.  High speed polishers should be used to smoothen and shine the surface of the floors.


Limestone Tile Cleaner | Limestone Tile Cleaners Sydney


Limestone Tile Cleaner | Limestone Tile Cleaners SydneyAncient buildings usually have limestone as flooring for durability. French and Spanish are usually porous and chalky in nature.  They are easily etched by acids and effervescent drinks.  Limestone floors are easily stained with oils and any forms of liquid.  Limestone is made up of a composite of calcite and certain Magnesium.

Limestone floorings usually come in colours of black, grey, white, yellow and brown.  They have a very smooth granular surface, however their hardness varies. Penetrating sealers should be used to seal and protect limestone floorings from staining and soiling.  Only neutral pH base detergents be used for cleaning limestone floorings.  They cannot be pressured clean with above 800PSI. This can only be done if the grout is in good state.

A professional maintenance regime is definitely needed to maintain a polished look of any limestone finishing.  They look good with polished or low to medium sheen in appearance.  Unfortunately, many customers demand extreme shine in its finish.  Limestone floorings do not have the gloss a marble or granite flooring will have.  Certain limestone with low composite of calcite is extremely difficult to polish.  Thereby requiring vitrification to maintain its appearance.  Too many vitrification will provide an unnatural plastic appearance on the limestone.



Vinyl Cleaning Durability
Vinyl Cleaning Sydney Easy maintenance
Vinyl Cleaner Cheaper than marble or granite
Vinyl Cleaning Very moisture resistant
Vinyl Cleaning Sydney Cold and harsh on the soles of the foot
Vinyl Cleaner Needs sealing
Vinyl Cleaning Sensitive to acids


Sealing Limestone Floors

Most forms of limestone are porous in nature.  A tablespoon of water spill on a limestone surface will be immediately absorbed.  The degree of porosity of the limestone varies with the limestone.  The porosity of the limestone will affect the finishing of its surface as highly polished limestone is much more difficult to penetrate than limestone with a matt finish.


Only good quality impregnating sealer should be used for limestone to its nature of being very porous.  This will provide the slip resistance and protect the appearance of the flooring.  Limestone floorings are usually suitable for both the exterior and interiors of buildings.  The impregnating sealers will definitely be suitable to seal the limestone.


It is difficult to maintain limestone flooring if an appropriate maintenance regime is not carried out immediately after installation.  Scratching usually occurs as it not usually polished.  If an appropriate maintenance regime is carried out to protect the matting on a polished surface, the lustrous appearance will lose its appeal.  It is very important to having an appropriate maintenance regime to prevent future staining on limestone floorings.


The calcite composition in Limestone increases its susceptibility to acid spills, food and drink spills.  It is highly porous permeating even oils to enter and stain the surface especially if proper impregnating sealers are not used to seal the surface.


Limestone flooring should not have any other coatings of wax or topical sealer prior to being sealed.  All such coatings must be removed prior to applying the new sealer.  The limestone floorings is to be thoroughly dry prior to applying the new layer of sealer.


Limestone Floor Care & Maintenance

Immediately clean up any spills
Seal all limestone floorings
Place mats at every doorway
Only use a microfiber mop to clean limestone floors
Regularly clean the floor


Avoid any bleach, ammonia and vinegar when cleaning limestone floors
Avoid any acidic base cleaners
Avoid any use of abrasive base cleaners or scouring pads

Our services include specific cleaning, stripping and sealing for all slate floors.  We ensure that our equipment used can clean domestic and commercial cleaning.  The end result is clean and spotless slate flooring to your satisfaction.

Limestone Tile Cleaner | Limestone Tile Cleaners Sydney
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