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------------------------------- Our main services include cleaning and restoring all
types of tiles in all areas.

We do:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Cafés
  • Restaurants
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Swimming Pools
  • Patios

tile cleaning sydney


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All Tiles Cleaning made our outdoor and front yard come up like new with their specialist pressure cleaning services. If your in the need of a professional pressure cleaner then Sam is the right expert to provide outstanding workmanship on your home. Thanks heaps we now have an amazing clean new home and will recommend All Tiles to friends and family.


Kind regards

Phebe Samuels

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Pressure Cleaning Sydney
High Pressure Floor Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning for All Surfaces  of Residential and Commercial Sites.

Pressure Cleaning Pressure Cleaning Sydney Pressure Cleaning Sydney
You need high pressure cleaning to rid of dirt and grime form concrete driveways, walkways and patios.  Our pressure cleaning will eliminate all stubborn stains and algae.  Clean areas prevent anyone from slipping or falling due to slippery moss.  All Tile Cleaning provides services for the cleaning of concrete, brick, paver, timber, sandstone and exterior tile cleaning. We also the restore timber and bricks

Pressurised water jets and chemicals used will provide the ultimate best results in cleaning.  Water jets are not enough to clean hard surfaces.  The use of chemicals reduces the use of water and high pressured jets can damage the surface.  We only use biodegradable chemicals to wash away stubborn stains.


High Pressure cleaning cleans away the moss and mildew from the roots.  It will keep the surface cleaner for a longer duration.  Pressure water the infected surface is not enough as it only creates spores where mildew can re-root again!


Please note that different surface areas need different forms of cleaning.  It is vital to have an in-depth knowledge of the material and the characteristics of its deterioration process.  It is therefore important to hire a professional pressure cleaner to do the right thing.  A professional will identify the type of stains and contamination while suggesting the right manner of cleaning required.


A unique 3 Step Cleaning procedure is used at All Tiles Cleaning to restore your dirty hard surfaces.


Step 1- Specially formulated biodegradable cleaning solution is used to provide elasticity to the glue material of the hard surface and grime

Step 2- Manual scrubbing of hard surfaces will crack the glue material

Step 3- Then High Pressure cleaning on the hard surface takes place.  This is the ultimate cleaning procedure to ensure extreme satisfaction on hygiene


Oil & Grease Removal

Immediate treatment must occur to get rid of oil and grease.  As these substances leave stubborn stains that cleaning alone will not help, as the stains will be permanent.  Only immediate action will help. Such stains can only be removed by utilizing certain products which are usually hazardous in nature.  It is our motto to suggest the use of environmentally safe products where necessary.


Only the high grade commercial equipment and cleaning solutions are used to thoroughly clean hard surfaces.  All Tile Cleaning services include the removal of dirt, grime, mould, grease and mildew by using environmentally safe cleaning products.

Pressure Cleaning Sydney
Pressure Cleaning Pressure Cleaning Pressure Cleaner Pressure Cleaner
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