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Quarry tile cleaner | Quarry tile cleaning


Quarry tile cleaning Sydney | Quarry tile cleaner Sydney
Quarry tile cleaner | Quarry tile cleaning

All Tiles Cleaning has provided excellent quarry tile cleaner specialist services on our outdoor quarry tiles to bring them back to their best. They did an amazing job and thanks to Sam and his team we now have an outdoor area that is like a new space for relaxation.
Thanks heaps and I would recommend All Tiles Cleaning to anyone we know.



Michelle Atkins

quarry tile cleaner quarry tile cleaner
Quarry tile cleaner
Quarry tile cleaning
Quarry tile cleaner | Quarry tile cleaning
Quarry Tile Cleaner - Quarry Tile Cleaning Specialists & Sealing
Our company render specific cleaning for Quarry tile cleaner services, sealing and grout surfaces

Our services include a comprehensive restoration process of your quarry tile cleaner services and also cleaning for both domestic and commercial properties.


Your ultimate satisfaction is our goal.

Our company is very experienced in the restoration and refurbishment of quarry tile cleaner requirements and quarry flooring. We can restore even the most neglected quarry to meet your satisfaction. Quarry tiles are a common feature in most houses.

The extrusion process from clay or shale produces either glazed or unglazed look on the tile.  Quarry tiles commonly come in shades of dark red, brown and grey.  The whole surface is hardened with extreme fire and has a uniform colouring throughout the surface.  The pressure cleaning recommended for Quarry tiles is 1450PSI if the grout is in good state.   Quarry tiles are excellent for both interior and exterior usage.

What is Quarry?

All Quarry tiles are made of clay.  They have a roughly finished appearance.  They are easily noticed as there are small rolled grooves on the back of each tile. These grooves are extrusive in nature, created by large machines.  Quarry tiles have extreme durability and are excellent for heavy traffic areas, bathrooms and kitchens.  Once sealed, the tiles are water resistance


Most Quarry tiles are cheaper in price.  The durability and economically saving tiles is usually the excellent choice of millions of homes everywhere.  They are very popular as they provide exquisite flooring finish with long lasting durability and easy maintenance for usage.


Quarry Tile Cleaner Maintenance

Quarry tiles are usually used in heavy traffic areas of the reception of a building and the exterior like patios and porches. An experienced quarry tile cleaner can easily restore quarry tiles to their original lustre even if they are often neglected in cleaning for prolonged periods of time.

A canister vacuum cleaner is the best to thoroughly clean Quarry tiles and achieve the best quarry tile cleaning results. It is important not to use beater bar vacuum cleaners as they drag grit across the surface of the tile and this causes scratches to the sealer or wax.

Quarry tiles need only mopping with a cleanser. It is highly recommended to use enzyme based, antibacterial cleansers for Quarry tiles, especially those used in the kitchen. This type of cleansers rid the grease and odour of the floor.

Remember to thoroughly rinse your mop to remove any residue from the cleanser. It is recommended to use either soft or distilled water when mopping. As tap water has high contents of minerals that is deposited on the surface of the tiles.

Then wipe the floor dry with a clean towel. This will highlight if your tile has been hazed or discoloured. Aging wax turns yellowish in colour. If the tile has a film on its surface, just mop it with white vinegar and water. It will remove the haze and remember to again dry the tile.

Sealing Quarry Tiles

Sealer is definitely needed as most Quarry tiles are unglazed. Three coats of sealer are highly recommended for these tiles. It is important to at least apply two coats of acrylic floor finish. Then apply a paste wax by using a lamb’s wool pad and floor polishing machine to do the job. Lastly buff the floor when dry. It is important to periodically strip the wax, clean the floor then reapply the finish. Stripping machines are available for rent from our company. Dirt and grime are easily trapped on the tile surface ensure that the floor is thoroughly cleaned prior to waxing it. It is okay to use synthetic scouring pad and heavy duty cleansing agents for stubborn stains. Consult our quarry tile cleaner and sealer specialists for advice and recommendations.


Quarry tiles can be easily broken if heavy objects fall on it. It is also easily stained. Professional cleaning may be required if the tile has been long neglected to enhance its appearance. Certain cleansers are highly recommended of only indoor applications, it is important to read the labels carefully.


Quarry tile cleaner | Quarry tile cleaning Quarry tile cleaner | Quarry tile cleaning
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quarry tile cleaner sydney
Quarry tile cleaner Quarry tile cleaner Quarry tile cleaner