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tile cleaning sydney


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All Tiles Cleaning provided a professional and amazing tile regrouting job that helped us get a better price for the sale of our house. Their regrouting cleaning of our existing tiles made them look like new and we are confident to recommend Sam and his company to our family and friends.


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Amanda Jennings

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Tile Regrouting
Re-grout Tiles and Cleaning Grouts

Dirty and stained grouts will definitely make your tiles look bad and shoddy.Getting rid of mildew and resealing will solve the problem. However if mildew persists, stained grouts and chipped tiles occur through the wear and tear of time will definitely signal that you need to re-grout!! Re-grouting is the only solution to for that new look again minus big expenditure.

It also allows for a new grout colour to give that new look but in an inexpensive way!!


Intact but discoloured grout only needs to be restored to look new with a grout colourant.  It will brighten the grout and at the same time resists water, algae, mildew and stains.  It doesn’t get scrubbed off and is capable of use in large areas or for tiny touch up.  Thorough cleaning and drying are needed before the Grout Colourant is applied on the tiles.  Remember to adhere to the product’s directions carefully.

Tile Regrouting | Tile Regrouting Sydney
What is grout?

Grout is a substance used in construction.  It functions to embed bars in walls, connecting pre-cast concrete together.  It also fills the cracks between tiles. It glues them together and protects them from chipping. Grout is a mixture of water, cement, sand, colour tint, and fine gravel.  Fine gravel is present in grout that is used to fill cement blocks.   It is a thick liquid in nature and hardens over time, just like the mortar used in construction purposes.

The main types of grouts include urethane, cement-based or epoxy grout.  Certain tools are required when applying or removing grout.  The tools are as follows:

  •  Grout saw / grout scraperA tool used manually to remove old grout.
  • Grout floatA tool to smoothen the grout surface
  • Dremel grout attachmentA guide that is used in a die grinder to quickly remove old grouts
  • Grout sealer Water or solvent based sealant that is applied on dried grout to resist water, oil and acidic contaminants


Constant usage and time makes grout dirty especially in constantly used places like the kitchen and bathrooms.  It is therefore important to regularly maintain grouts in these areas to enable ease in cleaning them.


What does Re-grouting mean?

Re-grouting is a process of repairing and resealing of chipped, damaged or tiles that have come off.  It is also very much needed when the grout has discoloured.  The discolouration will make it difficult to restore the tile to its original form.  Re-grouting will help solve this problem. A specific form of chemical is utilized in this process along with a high powered water pressure to remove the dirt and the grime from the grout.


Cracking and flaking are the most common problems with grouts especially in wet areas like the baths, showers, basins and sinks.  If untreated, water seeps into the cracks and into the wooden framing and floors.  This causes severe damage by making the area damp and unhealthy to live in.  It is vital to resolve these problems to enable better outward appearance of the infected area and avoid any unwanted disruption of facilities and especially avoid future high repair costs.


Please investigate prior to replacing the damaged grout.  Crumbling or cracking of grout signals that the tile has been damaged or moved.  While discolouring or mouldy grout suggests a water leak inside the wall.  You will need to solve the main problem before you begin re-grouting.


Now that you have determined that you can re-grout, it is important to plan your work depending on the severity of the area to re-grout.  If it is only a small area then you can even re-grout using your fingers to fill the cracks.


However, certain damages are more severe where the whole floor has eroded or been discoloured, then it is vital to remove the old layer of grout.  Please note that this may pose as a difficult job as the old layer of grout must be extensively removed, special care is to be given to floors with narrow grout lines of only1/16 inch, as extensive removal of the old grout may chip the tiles.


An outdoor or indoor grout sealer can prevent any accumulation of dirt and grime on the tiles.  This will ease the cleaning and maintaining process of the tiles.

Maintaining Grout

It is advisable to clean the grouts at least once every year.  This can be done by scrubbing the grout and thoroughly drying it.  Then reapply a grout sealer to protect the tiles.  Grouts should be replaced once it cracks.  If unattended to, crack grouts are unsightly and damage the tile’s surface.  This means need for replacement of the tile which can be expensive.

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