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------------------------------- Our main services include cleaning and restoring all
types of tiles in all areas.

We do:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Cafés
  • Restaurants
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Swimming Pools
  • Patios

tile cleaning sydney


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All Tiles Cleaning helped us get a much higher price on the sale of our house.
They did an excellent job on cleaning and re-grouting our existing tiles.
We are confident to recommend this company and what they do to our family and friends.


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Michael Simmons

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The Tile Clean & Repair Process
Transform your Floors: Cleaning, Sealing, Polishing & Restoration Solutions

Tile Clean & Grout

All Tiles Cleaning are your residential and commercial tile cleaning specialists. Utilising industrial equipment and specialised heavy duty cleaning products are used to clean grouts. Using specifically designed cleaning solutions and high pressure cleaning equipment, allows us to clean your ceramic tiles, hard floors and grouts. A professional tile and grout cleaning process is the only suitable way to remove excessive dirt build up. All Tiles Cleaning guarantee customer satisfaction on every project we complete.


Tile Stripping

We strip, scrub and use specific cleaners to strip dirt and build up in order to remove old sealants and residues. This process will restore the appearance of your floor and make it looking new and clean.


Sealing Your Floor Tile

All Tiles Cleaning seal your tiles and grout to prevent and reduce further staining of your tiles. We use industrial sealants which adhere to the tile and form a protective layer on the treated surface. Sealing provides a temporary barrier and stops dirt and debris from penetrating onto your tiled floor. Thus reducing the damage caused by stains and making tile maintenance easier.


Re-grout your Floor Tile

Often, the tiles around your home, kitchen, bathroom or office are in good condition, however the grout that frames the tiles is discoloured, stained or cracked. Leaving the appearance of your floor and wall tiles stained and looking dull. All Tiles Cleaning can dramatically enhance your floor and walled tile appearance by re-grouting. Re-grouting your shower rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and patios will leave your tiled floors or walls looking newly restored and clean. We also apply stain sealer to the new. The cost of re-grouting is much cheaper then replacing an entire tiled floor or wall surface with new tiles.


Repairs to Your Tile

All Tiles Cleaning are your tile repair experts. We provide professional service of replacing any loose, cracked, chipped, broken, discoloured and missing tiles from tiled walls and floor. Internal and external tile repair services available for all tile types. Decades of experience and knowledge allows us to replace all types of tiles without damaging the surrounding tiled area.


High Pressure Tile Clean

High Pressure Cleaning is a great effective and efficient way to clean the exterior of your residential home or commercial space. High pressure cleaning involves high water flow rates, special attachments, high performance hoses and strong engines to provide spectacular results. High pressure tile cleaning can remove grime and dirt from concrete, all tiled and hard surfaces, driveways, walkways, patios buildings and walls. We safely and efficiently remove unsightly oil stains, dirt, dust, green moss, mould, algae and oil stains. Hence providing an aesthetic appeal and cleaner look whilst preventing family, friends or work associates from slipping or falling from slippery moss or algae, a definite protection for everyone!


Grout Colour Sealing

To provide the long lasting clean look is to seal the grout using a quality colour sealer. Thorough cleaning of the tiles is done prior to applying an epoxy based colourant to the grout joints.  This providesan appearance of consistency in the outlook and most importantly seals the grout to prevent any future staining.  Years of warranty comes with the epoxy based grout colourant. The warranty is for the prevention of any future peeling, chipping, cracking or fading of the grout.

Tile Cleaning Products and Equipment


All Tiles cleaning is an Australian owned and 2222222 operated company and we have built our company on quality workmanship and exceeding customer expectations.


All our products are commercial grade industrial cleaners specifically designed to bring out the appealing features of natural stones, floors and hard surfaces. Each type of floor surface and procedure whether it be cleaning, sealing, repairing or protecting floor or wall tiles, we will only use the highest quality Australian products. We guarantee that all our specifically formulated products are used in our services provided to exceed our client’s requirements and expectations.


Our staffs are industry trained and we embrace specialised cleaning techniques and utilise advanced and current cleaning technology and commercial machines. Our techniques and processes are efficient and effective. Our industry experience and knowledge allows us to tackle the most stubborn stains, repairs or problem floors and walls. We use commercial tile cleaning equipment for both commercial and residential jobs and employ only highly trained and skilled staff. The result is total customer satisfaction by delivering spotless, hygienically clean floors that are durable for years to come.


All Tiles Cleaning uses the state-of-the-art equipment with specialised wash, scrub, disinfectant and dry technology. This technology is more effective, more efficient, more powerful and our staff delivers impressive results


All cleaning products used by us are enviro safe, child and pet safe. All our staff members are individually and highly trained in the various techniques of efficient and effective cleaning to deliver outstanding results.


All Tiles Cleaning provide high quality floor cleaning solutions only surpassed by our commitment to customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.



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