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------------------------------- Our main services include cleaning and restoring all
types of tiles in all areas.

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tile cleaning sydney


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All Tiles Cleaning are professionals in Terrazzo tiles and we sourced them as we wanted the best in the business. They did an exceptional job on our Terrazzo tiles cleaning and re-grouting and making them look like new. I would recommend Sam and his company to anyone that needs specialist services.


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Antonio Pennini

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Terrazzo Tile Cleaning
Terrazzo Floor Cleaning & Sealing
Our services include specific cleaning of all Terrazzo tiles and grout.
What is Terrazzo tile?

The combination of marble and cement makes up Terrazzo tiles. Extra marble chips are sprinkled on the tile surface after installation, making at least three quarters of the surface made from marble.  Extreme and detailed care is needed in cleaning Terrazzo tiles so as not to damage the surface.


Terrazzo flooring gives an exquisite finish and retains its beauty for a long duration of time if proper care is rendered. We will maintain your Terrazzo flooring and maintain the exquisite look for a long time.


Terrazzo flooring is well known for its durability.  The tiles are now available it pre-cut form.  They are usually used for commercial applications and come in a variety of colours.  Only quality products are used to clean, seal and polish your Terrazzo floors.

Cleaning Terrazzo Tiles
The procedure of cleaning Terrazzo floors is similar in process to cleaning any other natural stone.  It is not difficult.  Your stone will not be damaged.  Only natural based cleaners are used for terrazzo cleaning.
Sealing Terrazzo Tiles

The idea of sealing Terrazzo tiles is highly debatable for many years especially among stone and tile experts.  Terrazzo is made from the combination of marble and Portland cement.  Marbled chips are then sprinkled on the surface to ensure high density of marble.  The marble contend of the surface is the most non -absorbent, it is the cement surface which is highly porous and stains easily.  This is the grievous part.  Older Terrazzo floors are highly susceptible to stains.  However, newly installed terrazzo floors are not, we highly recommend penetrating sealant to seal your Terrazzo floors immediately after installation.  The sealant seeps into the pores and thereby reduces the absorption of stains on the cement.



Terrazzo Tile Maintenance

Knowledge of the right cleaners will help easy maintenance of Terrazzo floors.


Neutral floor cleaners are highly recommended for cleaning Terrazzo floors.  Only solutions with neutral pH7 should be used.


A micro-fibre mop dipped in a combination of warm water and neutral pH cleaner should be used for daily cleaning. Then dry the floor with a dry mop.


Our company will provide you with the needed knowledge to help you in cleaning and sealing your Terrazzo flooring.  This knowledge will help you save time and cost in maintaining the beautiful look of your Terrazzo floors.  The knowledge will definitely prevent you from incurring further expenses of neglect and restoration if care is not correctly adhered.  Such is our service to you.

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