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timber floor polish


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Timer floor polish

Thanks to Sam and the team at All Tiles Cleaning for helping us get our timber floor polishing done. It was such a professional job that I have recommended their timber floor polish services to all my family, friends and work colleagues. We now have an amazing timber floor polished and can enjoy our Sydney home.


Kind regards

Drew Mitchell

timber floor polish timber floor polishing sydney
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timber floor polishing sydney
Timber Floor Polish
Timer floor polishTimber Floor Cleaner – Timber Cleaning, Waxing and Timber Floor Polishing Sydney

Professional timber floor cleaner providing timber floor polish services at reasonable prices

Timber Floor Polish

Timber floor polishing Sydney and New South Wales

Floors of hardwood are easy to clean. They require only minimal maintenance and are long lasting. Hardwood floors laid throughout a house adds a beautiful ambience to the house. Timber floor polish maintenance procedures do not differ among the different types available. However, certain hardwood flooring need extra vigilance in removing stains. The team at All Tiles have professional and experienced timber floor cleaner and timber floor polishing services available.

Benefits of Hardwood floors & Timber Floor Polish

Waxing definitely enhances the beauty of hardwood floors. Our company renders a special service called the Timber Floor cleaner - Three Step Waxing Process. The result is fantastic appearance and hygienically clean for your home. The appearance of a fresh timber floor polish on your floors will make them look as good as new.


Firstly, the floor is thoroughly cleaned. Then remove all dirt and grime using a broom or a vacuum cleaner. The final step is clean the floor with a damp mob. Dirt and grime must be removed before moping as they usually scratch and scour the timber.


The following step is to apply wax. Then buff the wax with a waxing machine. Different forms of wax paste or liquid wax is used for different forms of hardwood flooring.

Timber Floor Polishing Sydney wide
Buffing your wooden floor is an easy process for a professional timber floor cleaner. It is recommended that this procedure is regularly carried out. We use the same waxing machine to do the job but different thickness of pads are used for the buffing process to ensure optimal results. Buffing and waxing removes scuff marks and enhance the shine of the wooden floors while simultaneously protecting it. An experienced timber floor cleaner will know which pads to use on your floor and for how long. Over use and polishing on incorrect pads can damage your timber floors. Whilst applying timber floor polish is relatively easy, the timber floor polishing Sydney All Tiles process is precise and accurate to ensure we deliver an amazing timber floor polish.
Call All Tiles Timber Floor Polishing Sydney on 0405 132 132 or use the online enquiry form at the top of the page to book for an appointment or to get a free quote and have an experienced timber floor cleaner polish your floors.
Timber Floor Polishing Sydney
timber floor polish timber floor polishing sydney timber floor cleaner